Metropolitan College Petition

To submit a petition for exception to Metropolitan College policy, complete the form below. Read carefully and provide as much information as possible to support your petition.

If you don't have a school email yet, enter a personal email address

If "Other", please describe.

We STRONGLY encourage you to spend time thoughtfully writing your petition letter ELSEWHERE, and then copy-and-paste it into this box.

If submitting a petition for an exception to the MC/UofL requirement, include what steps you have completed to ensure your academic success. For example, taking less than 10 credit hours for the first semester, using REACH academic support services, etc.

Include information to support the reason for your petition. Provide as many details as possible to allow the Petition Committee to make an informed decision.

Supporting Documentation

If you choose to provide supporting documentation to be reviewed along with your petition letter, send an email from your school email account to The subject line of your email should read “[Your Full Name] Petition Supporting Documentation.”

By submitting this form, you are authorizing Metropolitan College Staff and UPS to have access to information about your test scores, high school GPA, grades, financial aid, customer account and academic progress to determine program eligibility and to process MC benefits at Jefferson Community and Technical College and the University of Louisville.